A Town Like Alice

Nevil Shute (1963)

One of those books I’d always had in the back of my mind to read.  I preferred the first half, which takes place in a series of Japanese internment camps during WWII.  A good selection if you want a strong female character as the anchor of a story, as the heroine must endure a harsh environment and grueling forced marches to survive.  The second half of the book covers the decades after the war, her reunion with a soldier who played a crucial role in her life during the war and their struggle to make a successful life together on a sheep station.


4 thoughts on “A Town Like Alice

  1. I thought the book sucked and On the beach by Nevel Shute sucked, Nevel Shute has published the worst books I have ever reed, everyone else I have ever spoken to that has reed Nevels books have not liked them and would not rekemend them to any one.

  2. I couldn’t disagree with you more.
    Great story and well written. I found it hard to put down. Two ordinary people who struggle and survive under extraordinary circumstances.
    I highly recommend “A Town Like Alice”.

  3. On the Beach was brilliant and A Town Like Alice was quaint and charming. Both are fresh contrasts to the mundane detective and romance novels of these days.
    I also highly recommend it.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation Jody. I saw the movie “On the Beach” a long time ago and it left an impression. Thanks for the reminder to revisit the source. I’ve added it to my ever-growing list of books to read.
    I appreciate your stopping by and leaving a comment.

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