High Fidelity

Nick Hornby (1995)

Rob is a chronic list maker (The Top Five songs by Elvis Costello, The Top Ten movies of the 1980s,) whom one character perfectly sums up as a person who substitutes lists for actual opinions. He spends a good portion of the story in hilariously narcissistic evaluation of his current failed relationship and every past relationship since grade school, all of which he recounts (ha ha) in list form, of course. Rob and his co-workers actually work as little as possible in the second-hand record shop he owns. When they’re not belittling customers’ taste in music, they spend time endlessly refining their lists. A very amusing look at a thirty-something man who wakes up to find his life’s in a rut, wonders how it got there, how he’ll get out of it and, most importantly, if he even wants to.

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