A Tea Party with Soldiers From the War of 1812

Chalmette Battlefield

After Cafe du Monde, took a drive through fishing villages and bayou areas out to St. Bernard.

On the way, stopped at the Chalmette Battlefield, the site of the last battle of the War of 1812.

Happened to be there on a day when a group of costumed volunteers were “reenacting” a tea party in a restored 19th-century plantation house next to the battlefield. More photos are here.  After our drive, went to Acme for oysters.

Dinner that night at Gabrielle Restaurant, located outside the quarter, in a neighborhood about a five-minute drive from our hotel.  The restaurant was very small and VERY good.

The Food:

Breakfast: cafe au lait, beignet

Late lunch at Acme: oysters!

Dinner @ Gabrielle:
Oysters Gabie (baked with butter, herbs, artichokes and parmesan cheese); Mixed sausage grill (andouille and rabbit) with two sauces (?? and strawberry); house salad with roasted garlic and buttermilk dressing; soft-shell crab with crab meat, green onion, toasted pecans and hollandaise with mashed potatoes and ginger veggies; white pear sorbet, dense chocolate with homemade peppermint ice cream, vanilla bean creme brulee.


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