The Friday Five

1. The last song I heard:

Cantara by Dead Can Dance

2. The last two movies I saw:

The Quiet American and Sunset Boulevard–such a great, great film. Every time I see it, I’m more convinced of its brilliance.

3. The last three things I purchased:

Movie ticket, dinner at Baja Fresh and a book on HTML.

4. Four things I hope to do this weekend:

Prepare my taxes, dinner with friends at Twin Anchors (best ribs in town!), clean the kitchen and finish one of the three books I’m currently reading.

5. The last five people I talked to:

Carl, Jenny, Karen, Diana, and Anne.

4 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. The character played by Susan Olson (whatever happened to her?!) in “Sunset Boulevard” is undeniably dull. Does that work for or against the film? How intentional is it? (Very, knowing Billy Wilder.) Would it be an even better film if she was a more intriguing character?

  2. Well, look at you–starting a little impromptu movie discussion.
    Yes, I agree, the “love” interest character is pretty flat. And like all old movies, she’s supposed to be 24 and easily looks like she’s mid-30s. Maybe she’s so ordinary (dull) to serve as more of a contrast to Norma’s over-the-top personality and twisted sexuality.

  3. Yeah, what’s with the older-looking people in older films? Maybe it’s because they dress up all the time–ties around the household, high heels for a trip to the grocery store…Thank goodness those days are long gone. Can you imagine putting on hose to go to Peets?
    Good point about her dullness constrasting with Norma’s twistedness. But that still doesn’t fully explain it. Norma was creepy compared to just about everyone. Maybe the dullness made Wm Holden’s character seem more interesting, or at least more cynical. He seemed less sympathetic when he was opposite Betty than when he was opposite Norma. The effect is to put him on a continuum with Norma (ie. Hollywood).

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