Spider (2002)

Canada, David Cronenberg

: SpiderI thought Cronenberg’s most recent film was very good! Great imagery, shot composition, atmosphere, story and acting. Ralph Fiennes was very effective and Miranda Richardson great as always–very convincing in three distinct roles.

I enjoyed the film much more than I thought I would, and even though I predicted the outcome, I thought it had enough of a payoff in the end to satisfy. My only criticism would be that the trailer gave away many of the powerful images–they lost some of their impact because I recognized so many of them from having seen the trailer more than once.

2 thoughts on “Spider (2002)

  1. It’s about a man (Ralph Fiennes) who is prematurely released from a mental institution and moves into a halfway house run by Lynn Redgrave. He begins to have flashbacks to his childhood that give clues to his illness and draw him deeper into dimentia.

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