Friday Five

1. The last song I heard:

Shame by Stabbing Westward

2. The last two movies I saw:

The Spirit of St. Louis (nothing duller than watching Jimmy Stewart/Charles Lindberg in the cramped cockpit of a plane for an hour) and Witness For the Prosecution.

3. The last three things I purchased:

Coffee, dinner and coffee (such a creature of habit.)

4. Four things I hope to do this weekend:

Read a 400 page book by Sunday (I’m on page 42), read 400 pages, read 400 pages, go to book club and bluff after reading 100 pages.

5. The last five people I talked to:

Carl, Jenny, Karen, Anne, Joan

One thought on “Friday Five

  1. You’re awesome!
    We have to get together. I’m so sorry we don’t see each other more often. Great site. I wish I had time to do one. I’ve been writing some comedy for the game I’m working on I’ll send you some.

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