Use this Response at Your Next Office Meeting

So under cover of night, Mayor Richie Daley (I love it when he’s described like this because it sounds like he’s 12, wearing short pants and slapping a paddle ball while popping his bubble gum) had earth movers rip up enough of Meigs field to take it out of commission. Whatever, I’m not one of zillionaires who flew out of the downtown lakefront airstrip, so no big deal. And I’m all for another park. It’s just kinda sneaky the way he went about it; and then to claim it was done in the name of National Security. Hmmm. Our protector. Sleep easy, Chi-town, little Napoleon’s on guard.

Anyway, as those who live in Chicago know, Mayor (king) Daley is always good for an amusing quote or two each week. (Dream debate–Quayle vs. Daley; winner, Daley hands down.) And at times like this, his phraseology positively excels. Monday’s Tribune had a keeper quote, Daley’s response to a reporter’s question. The actual question isn’t important; the reply is one that we can all use from time to time.

You could answer your own question. You could answer your own question. You could answer your own question. I’m not going to answer that question. –Mayor Richard M. Daley


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