Please Continue to Hold

Aaaaaagh! I’m at work, eternally on hold. Waiting…




Yes, I’m at work. And no, I don’t normally tap into my blog at work — very bad etiquette to blog on the job (especially about the job) but I’ve run out of things to do to kill time that are within phone reach. See, I’ve been changing my company’s address, in preparation for our move next week. Remember the hassle of doing this the last time that you had to move? Well, multiply that by 10, and you have some idea of the fun that I’ve had today.

I’m going to hear hold music in my sleep tonight.

I’ve got book, movie and restaurant reviews to post soon–lots of homework.

Ooup…I’m up!

…….gggrrrrr……false alarm.

Don’t you love it when you finally get connected to an operator after waiting on hold for TEN MINUTES, only to have them tell you they can’t help you with that; someone else, on the end of another TEN MINUTES of hold music will have to help you?

I keep plugging on. I refuse to come in tomorrow and face this for another day!

(Double click)



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