Friday Five

1. The last song I heard:

Playground Love by Air

2. The last two movies I saw:

Ramrod (a so-so westnern from 1947 starring Joel McCrae (yaaawwwn) and Veronica Lake) and Man and Animal, Inc. (a fascinating collection of three nature documentaries from the early ’90s); both at NU’s Block Cinema.

3. The last three things I purchased:

Painting supplies, mailing labels and black markers.

4. Four things I hope to do this weekend:

Take three cats to the Vet, weep silently in the car afterward over how much it costs to take three cats to the vet, return *!?!@#!?# tankless water heater to the place where we bought it, have dinner with friends to celebrate my birthday.

5. The last five people I talked to:

Carl, Karen, Jenny, Patrick and Anne

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