X2 (2003)

USA, Bryan Singer

: X2 - X-Men United (Widescreen Edition)A totally spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment decision found me sitting in a movie theater in the middle of the day on Friday, catching the first show of X2 on opening weekend. It was just the escapism that I needed and thoroughly enjoyable.

Let me state for the record that I am about as far from a card-carrying, comic-book-reading, action-franchise-loving movie patron as you could hope to find. Let the record also show that my expectations were basement level low for this film, having wasted full fare on the first X-Men film three years ago (Was it really THREE years ago?!?!?!?) X2 started off with a bang, promising an exciting ride, which it definitely delivered.

3 thoughts on “X2 (2003)

  1. We could get you a comic-book reading, action-franchise-loving movie patron card, if you like. They’re pretty cheap.

  2. Was bored by “Hiroshima, Mon Amourl” but enjoyed “X2” and “Kill Bill”? Hmmm… Perhaps sex *is* violence. I demand a moratorium on comic book movies. Movie of Marvel’s “The Punisher” to come in ’04. What’s next? Thor? Will any actor be able to say, “mystic mjolner”? While I’m at it, I also call for a ban on “reality” shows, movies with giant army battles, movies with SNL cast members, and movies of TV sitcoms and cartoons (did “Scooby Doo” really need a sequel? If this is the best Sara Michelle Gellar can do, she could still be playing “Buffy,” dammit.)

  3. Wow, spro, you ask for so much of Hollywood!
    I whole-heartedly agree with your moritorium on comic book movies but have you seen the trailer for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow? I don’t think it’s based on a comic book, but it’s definitely got that comic book look, to the extreme.
    It looks even more amazing on the big screen.

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