Where Have All the Trees Gone?

So, over the weekend, we’re sitting in the backyard, enjoying the day, when suddenly someone says, “Hey, where’d the tree go?”

When we moved into this place, one of the great things about the backyard was the large, leafy trees in neighbors’ yards that we could see from our place. Big, green, blowing in the breeze and beautiful when the afternoon light hit them in the magic hour. Over the last year, one-by-one they’ve gotten sick and been removed.

See all the blue sky in the photo? That’s where the trees used to be. One lone soldier is standing, and I hope that nothing strikes this one down.

Quite a depressing skyline when all you see is power lines where beautiful trees used to stand. A very small taste of what it must be like to live in the neighborhoods around the city where the tree population was devastated by longhorn beetles a few years back.


One thought on “Where Have All the Trees Gone?

  1. We have neighbors that moved in and just removed all but one of the beautiful trees on that property.
    I hate it. There is nothing quite so striking as the hole where a full flowing tree use to stand.

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