Does His Boss Know About This?

A friend recently pointed me to the brand spankin’ new blog of Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, a pundit whom a number of people I know like to scoff at and make fun of. I don’t get the paper, so I don’t read his column, so I don’t really have an opinion of him one way or another. But looking over his blog, I was struck by the fact that he’d posted over 20 entries since he began…yesterday!

Shouldn’t he be writing his column instead? Shouldn’t he be saving this stuff for his column? But then again, I thought, heck, if my employer paid me, I’d be bloggin’ all day long too!

One thought on “Does His Boss Know About This?

  1. Not only that, much of what he writes simply recaps what others have written. Hello–do we go to blogs for a synopsis of the paper, or to hear something fresh? He does this in his columns, too, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

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