Major Weekend Accomplishment

Clean bathroom — check.

My weekend is complete. No really, you didn’t see my bathroom. (Thank God, you didn’t see my bathroom!) We’re talkin’ major accomplishment. Cranked the Foreigner, rolled up my sleeves and sixteen hours later, I’ve emerged victorious.

Well, okay, maybe it just seemed like sixteen hours. Household chores like this tend to be a major time suck. My favorite part is how in two days, it will look like I haven’t cleaned the bathroom (or the kitchen, or vacuumed…) in months.

I gotta say the person who invented the wet Swiffer is a genius. Hats off to any product that keeps me from having to go near a mop.

One thought on “Major Weekend Accomplishment

  1. Ha! But I will see your bathroom–luckily, it should still be within the 24-hour “still clean” phase. So, now that you’re primed, please come over and clean my bathroom.

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