Have I Turned Into (Gulp) A Cubs Fan?

So this evening I found myself watching a Cubs game…of my own free will…and I actually enjoyed it!

Residual effect from attending a game at Wrigley Field last week as part of a work outing maybe? (Had a great hot dog by the way, with the best pickle relish I think I’ve ever had.) Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Cubs are in first place and playing really well. I’m the first to admit that in the very few times that I’ve chosen to watch a sporting event, its involved a team I had a personal attachment to (home team, alma mater) and only when competing for the BIG prize. I fully expect that when they go back to sucking and don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being in contention for the BIG prize, I’ll go back to completely ignoring the sport, and the Cubs.

But that won’t be until next year.

8 thoughts on “Have I Turned Into (Gulp) A Cubs Fan?

  1. Whether you are a fan or not, there is no such thing as not enjoying an outing at Wrigley. Hopefully, the Cubs will make it to the playoffs, if not the world series.

  2. When you find yourself tuning into the game surreptitiously at work, then you know you’ll have crossed over to the dark side. That’s not a bad place to cross over to, by the way.

  3. Hey- there are worse things than becoming a Cubs fan! Just don’t let any die-hard Cubs fan (like me) know that you’re a bandwagonner 🙂 Here’s to meaningful baseball in September (because otherwise all we’re left with is the (gasp) Bears 😦

  4. Be careful about becoming a Cubs fan. It takes a strong heart. Its not like being a Bulls fan during the MJ era when winning was just a matter of waiting until the game was over. The good news is Kenny Lofton only plays on teams that have a legitimate chance. Root, root, root for the Cubies!

  5. Uh, who’s Kenny Lofton?
    Hmmm, I’d say I’m not a Cubs fan…yet.
    (Yeah, I watched the game tonight. It was not a pretty site. We shall see…)

  6. Isn’t it interesting that your Cubs entry has drawn more comments than almost anything else on your blog? How shallow are we?

  7. Yes, indeed I’d noticed that also. I’m going to start peppering my entry headlines with sports team names from now on. I figure it will double traffic to the site in no time!

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