Things Are Looking Up Up Up

Hey Dennis and Charlie! There’s a second construction tower going up!

So, like I mentioned before, there’s this pretty massively tall building under construction about two blocks away from where I work. I pass by it all the time, and as much as I HATE all the construction going on in my town, I have to admit that construction sites are fascinating. They’re the ultimate example of team work.

And they get to play with really cool big toys! Today they were erecting a second construction crane that’s probably 20 stories high. You know the kind, made out of steel (??) pipes, with a ladder going up the middle like a spine, ending at the top with a huge long crane, and a tiny cab where the operator spends his day. Not a job for the faint of heart.

It’s like really big tinker toys, the way they lift one section of the tower, and fit it one on top of the other, with just the four feet at each corner meeting. At lunch today I stopped to gawk while they erected the second crane. I stood as close to underneath as I could get and watched as three guys stood at the top (at that point about five stories up) and waited for the temporary crane to lift the next piece up to them. The guys guided it into place as it dangled over their heads, held by a cable, and once it was in place, they locked it into place. It looked like they were using pretty substantial wrenches, but still, these looked like pretty tiny measures to hold one piece to another.

Then they each started up the ladder, to the top where they’d unhook the cable and wait for the next piece. I noticed that the last guy to climb the ladder was going up one rung at a time, with both feet on the rung before he’d step up to the next one, kind of like a little kid climbing the playground slide for the first time. He’s very carefully climbing in a very deliberate manner…meanwhile the first guy up top is hanging on to the railing (maybe thigh high) and he’s rocking back-and-forth like crazy, also looking like a kid on a playground. I guess he was checking to make sure it was stable, but dang, it was scaring me and I was on the ground.

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