Last Week’s Birding

Recently uncovered from my oh-so-messy desk: The list of birds sighted on last week’s bird watching outing to Montrose Harbor (Welcome to the club Rico!) Went to THE best place for birding in the metro-Chicago area–The Magic Hedge. (Yes, it’s really called the Magic Hedge. There’s a sign and everything. My guess is it was a hot spot to drop acid in the ’70s. Use your imagination.)

Now, it’s just a naturally preserved area with a lot of people stumbling around with binoculars to their eyes, clutching Peterson Field Guides and asking each other “Seen anything today?” Not the most tremendous day of birding–it’s a bit early yet for peak migration time–but we did see a few visitors passing through: the Wilsons’s Warbler, the Magnolia Warbler, the Orange-crowned Warbler, and a dull (but feisty) female American Redstart.


One thought on “Last Week’s Birding

  1. Hi again,
    Still exploring your blog here. I think I could get into bird watching, but then I think do I have the time? I’ve seen all of these on the NU campus where I work, but I didn’t know their names. Thanks, Mimi

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