Wyoming Vacation – Day Three

Mount Moran

Saturday, September 20th

Started with coffee and breakfast at the cabin. Then off to the information station at Moose where we all stocked up on postcards.

Took the road through the park up toward Jenny Lake, to the String Lake trailhead. Hiked along String Lake toward Leigh Lake, where we found a sunny, rocky beach on the shore and sat for two hours reading, napping and taking in the gorgeous panorama view. We could see the Cathedral Group on our left, Mount Moran with Skillet Glacier clinging to its side on the right, and Rockchuck Peak and Mount Woodring in between. There were a few bright red and yellow canoes paddling along the lake.  The rocky beach made a surprisingly warm and comfortable place for a nap. The satisfying feeling of one clunky hiking booted foot crossing the other as I lay on the rocks, with the peaks stretched out in front of me.

The hike around the lake was easy and peaceful, through lodge pole pines, always with one or the other lake in view.  The air was crisp and fresh, scented with pine. The trail was scattered with pine needles and beautifully patterned rocks.  Not too many birds spotted.  Saw a few mule deer along the way.

On the drive home, we took a detour into Jackson for dinner supplies. Back at the cabin for wine and cheese and then a home cooked meal of pasta and bread.  Too tired for apple pie. Breakfast tomorrow, perhaps?

Photos from the trip can be found on my Flickr site.

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