Cubs Win!

I can’t believe it! Not that the Cubs beat the Braves to win the division series. I can’t believe that I passed on not one but two films at the Chicago International Film Festival tonight to stay home and watch the game! Yeah, I’m totally hooked.

I’ve been watching the Cubs like a real sports fan since attending one of the Wrigley Field games during the exciting series against St. Louis a month ago.  The games have been incredibly exciting; almost every one a nail-biter up to the end. Games like Saturday night’s loss give me a visceral appreciation of what it’s like to be a long-time Cubs fan.

On Friday I had to miss the game because I had tickets to the opera. Anne earned major brownie points by leaving score-by-score updates on my cell phone for me to retrieve at each intermission.  The opera crowd was noticeably thin, but the cell phones were out in force as many others were checking the score.

Tonight’s game was great. The Cubs dominated throughout, and the heart-attack factor was kept to a minimum. There’s a party in the old town tonight!

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