Trip to the Garden

Joined half the north shore at the Chicago Botanic Garden on Saturday. I’d hoped to see more fall color than we did (about a week too early I’d say) but it was an enjoyable afternoon none the less, especially once we’d ditched most of the crowds and headed to the far side of the garden.

Only one really interesting bird sighted, but it was a good one. We saw a Common Snipe, with it’s beak the length of half its body, right out in the open, mining the grass for bugs. Normally this is a bird that stays under the cover of shrubs, so it was an unexpected surprise to see him out and about, so close to the commotion of the people coming and going on the path nearby.


2 thoughts on “Trip to the Garden

  1. Speaking of gardens, are you doing any fall plantings in yours? Bulbs? What about those big, Dr. Seuss-like globe flowers? I just put a butterfly bush in my backyard…

  2. I’m totally jealous. If I had room I’d put one in my yard. They’re gorgeous and they live up to their name–they really attract a lot of butterflies. My neighbor added one in their backyard this summer, and we definitely got some residual effect–many more butterflies in our backyard.

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