Viewing the Body

Saturday we went to see the wreck formerly known as Jenny’s car. Poor car. It was very sad to see. Jen loved this car. This car had history. It’d been a trusty transport for eleven years. Countless miles, countless trips to the market, and three times across the United States. The car had just been inspected by a mechanic and proclaimed good for another five to seven years. Unless, of course, an idiot driver who’s not paying the slightest bit of attention to where he’s going plows into your backside at 40 mph!!

Ah yes, it was a good car.

This is a nice shot from which to admire the $$-worth of body work Jen just had done on her car. To add insult to injury, literally, the bill for the job came yesterday.

…And the mocha went flying everywhere! Here you can see the lid of the drink that popped off at impact and was flung, along with most of the contents, into the back seat. The sun glasses, that started out on her head, landed on the floor of the backseat also, along with everything else that was on the dashboard. With the amount of loose change she had, I picture the inside of the car looked a little like the slo-mo bullets in the Matrix when she was hit.



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