Keep the Lights On? Why??

Can someone please explain to me the point of having the dome light in your car stay on minutes after you’ve locked up and walked away? Why? Why why why does it do that?

I have to stand and wait for the car to extinguish every time I borrow or rent such a car, because I know the one time I don’t is the time that I’ve left the door ajar, and will come back to a dead car. And it will be 2 a.m., snowing, and 22-degrees with a windchill of zero.

Related to that, what is the point of having the running lights shut off five minutes after you lock the car…and walk away? WHY? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to someone walking away from their car, “Excuse me, but you left your lights on,” only to have them say, “Oh, it’s supposed to do that.” Why????

It’s to a point now where I see someone walk away from their cars, all ablaze in light, and I keep my mouth shut. Heck, if they come back to a dead car, not my fault. Blame it on the engineer who thought delayed illumination shutdown was a good idea.

2 thoughts on “Keep the Lights On? Why??

  1. My car recently lost the delay feature for the dome light, and it was only then that I came to appreciate it. At night I park my car in an unlit garage. Usually I have books or groceries or other miscellaneous items that need to be gathered up to take inside the house. At night, as soon as I shut off the engine, I am in total darkness and have to feel around for things, unless I open the car door to activate the dome light, but then I feel kind of exposed. Also, when I park in a dark parking lot, it’s nice to have some light around me as I leave the car. It feels safer and gives my eyes a few seconds to adjust.

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