Hey Scooter, I’m Talking to You!

This evening I went to hear an Animal Communication specialist speak. Her name is Carol Schultz and she interprets message from animals and teaches others how to do the same. If you’ve seen the Pet Psychic on Animal Planet you have an idea of what this woman does. Using techniques she outlined during the presentation, she claims that anyone who opens their mind to the possibility and practices focusing on the thoughts of animals, can “hear” what they have to say. Images, words and emotions can be received from your pet. You can talk with them, asking questions and learning a lot about what they think and how they feel.

A neighbor of mine has consulted with her when she was having some pet issues, and I’ll be honest that I’ve come very close to consulting someone myself, regarding a certain high-strung four-footed creature whom I live with. So, I was very interested to see what it was all about. I have to say that I was impressed and what she said seems to make sense to me. She made it look easy, as she tuned into the thoughts of the cat and dog companions of audience members, sometimes with the use of a photograph, other times just off of a comment or question from the audience. Of course, you have to believe in the possibility.

I’ll give it a try, though my track record for trying meditation-type techniques has never been real successful. Very hard for me to sit still and clear my mind long enough. But I’m definitely open to giving the heart-to-heart girl talk a try, because it definitely beats the alternative…have you ever seen a cat on prozac?

3 thoughts on “Hey Scooter, I’m Talking to You!

  1. Keep us faithful blog readers posted! Did you try to communicate with your cats after the seminar? Did you tell them you went?

  2. Nah, I didn’t talk with any more than the usual, “Hey, get your but off the keyboard…I’m typing here!” kind of conversation.
    Far too many distractions when i got home, but I’ll keep you posted when I do.

  3. When I tried to communicate with my cat Zach recently, I “sensed” he was telling me that he viewed himself as a partner with me in running my household. I realize I’m putting myself up for utter ridicule by posting this, but… what the heck. I didn’t hear him speak, nor did I receive any mental images from him. But I did sense, somehow, that that’s how he feels about his place in my home (or should I say “our” home?).
    I’m not sure I can articulate what he meant by that–if, indeed, he was even conveying such a message. Certainly he doesn’t run the vacuum, or pay bills, or shop for groceries, or anything helpful like that. (Wouldn’t it be great if our cats had opposable thumbs?!) But (and call me crazy for writing this), I truly had a perception that he feels like he helps run this ship.
    OK, you can start making fun of me now.

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