Stupid Stupid Stupid

A wolf at the Brookfield Zoo was shot dead because a woman was a complete idiot and put her hand into the enclosure. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was trying to pet the doggie.

Thursday night after ER, they had the usual 10 o’clock news teaser, and one of the stories was this one–the first thing I thought was, I bet it happened because she did something stupid, like put her hand in the cage of a WILD animal.

Sure enough, they report that this woman left the public path, crossed a barrier and put her hand through the chain link fence (look how far she went out of her way to exhibit incredibly stupid behavior!) and then this animal followed its normal instinct, grabbed her arm and wouldn’t let go. So, what usually happens in situations like this, the animal had to be put down. A wolf that was born and raised in the zoo for all of its 12 years, and had apparently never had any incident like this ever happen before, is now dead because of the actions of some moronic human.

Stuff like this just pisses me off!

One thought on “Stupid Stupid Stupid

  1. That stupid woman. What made her think that you could just go up to a wild animal and pet it?! Gawd, it’s people like this that make me lose faith in the human race.
    My friends at a message board where we all love wolves are deeply disappointed. The animal’s name was Cinnamon Bear, I believe. Poor thing. =(

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