Second Sunday = Time to Read

This weekend some friends and I tried something new. Lamenting the lack of time to just sit and read, I decided to devote one afternoon a month (the second Sunday) to curling up by the fire with a good book. No TV, no video games, no magazines, no conversation (on the phone or otherwise,) no work brought home from the office—just reading a book for pleasure. I called it Second Sunday.

I threw the idea out to some friends and we decided to start a new wintertime ritual. Tasty snacks, homemade soup, fresh cheeses, and once the sun sets, bottles of wine, could all be part of the plan. (Should we still be in the habit come summertime, I suspect we’ll move it to the backyard and switch to gin and tonics.)

This Saturday marked the first Second Sunday—a scheduling conflict caused the first Sunday to be on Saturday, but no matter—the “event” was deemed a success and new tradition begins!

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