A Series of Unfortunate Events, Books 1-10

Lemony Snicket (1999-2003)

Last Christmas I spent time with some young friends who turned me on to this outstanding series of mis-adventures involving the Baudelaire orphans, Violet, Klaus and baby sister Sunny. From one book to another, they’re pursued by the evil Count Olaf and his band of oddball henchmen, intent on getting control of the Baudelaire fortune. Anyone who grew up enjoying Roald Dahl’s Chocolate Factory and Giant Peach books will get a kick out of these cleverly written and illustrated books.  Kids love ‘em and adults will too, with their inventive word play and topical references. Lemony Snicket is the narrator, a fugitive who’s somehow connected to the story and continually comments on events, warning readers of the next inevitable “unfortunate event” that awaits these three. With each book, (and they just keep going strong) the thread of a bigger mystery unfolds. These are like Edward Gorey drawings come to life, which is why I recommend them to anyone open enough to try a book that’s found on the shelf of the children’s section. Soon to be a movie starring Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep and Jude Law, so there!


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  1. Much as I hate that a series of kids books has kept me from my more “serious” adult reading, I have to agree with you–this series is outstanding. To those of you considering diving in, take the plunge! And bear in mind (if the first book doesn’t quite grab you) that the series only gets stronger. The author definitely finds his voice as the series continues. The plots get better, the characters evolve, the language gets richer and richer….

  2. I love The Series of Unfortunate Events!But i can’t find book number 10 (The Slippery Slope) Anywhere in stores. Its really popular here in Regina. I was wondering if anyone could send it to me or put it on their comp and email it to me at: drmccuskee3@msn.com

  3. Ya i no i can’t wait for the movie. I no where u can get the book maybe at a libary or well………..i got all my books at coles and they have them i no they di so ya hope u get it .

  4. Hey, i love your books!! They are amazing..and kind of remind me of the Harry Potter books too! I cant wait to see the movie and wish everything turns out well. Right now im currently on book 6 and its my favorite so far. Thanks to all my friends who recommed your books for me to read. Thanx for writing them, i have no clue wut i would have done in my spare time then to read.

  5. Hmmm…is there something about my review of the Lemony Snicket books that makes people think I wrote them? Most odd.

  6. i love those books,but so far the only books i read are from 1-8. [i’m in seventh grade]

  7. i LOVE your books! they are the greatest! I have ALL your books i am in fourth grade and read all 10 in a week! I AM sooooo looking forward to seeing the movie. I AM YOUR #1 FAN!!!! I have been waiting for months for the 11th book to come out!!!!!! thanx for writing them i don`t know what i`d do in my spare time but read!!! FROM:HELAINA ARHONTAKIS

  8. I have a qeustion why don`t u show your face in the back of the book IT`S FREAKING ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH I love u do u love me? kiss kiss love ya hun bye!!!!!

  9. I Am your #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have a fan club about you and my nickname is Isadora and my friend’s name is Violet.I’ve read all your books!!!!!!!!!!!I am only 10 too!

  10. There’s no point in saying you’re all his number one fan. Why? BECAUSE I AM!
    This book is absolutely brilliant. Lemony Snicket mixes humour with gloom without making it sound like crap in this rare series, something only the best authors can do. He refers to great authors (Charles Baudelaire, Edgar Allen Poe, and more) and although it seems dull at first to some, eventually you will become fascinated and find yourself doing freaky things to show your obsession and either find yourself in federal prison or here with me in the house with padded walls and straight jackets.
    / \
    *~Les Fleurs Du Mal- (*) (*)-The Flowers of Evil~*
    Did I write that?

  11. I have to ask one question. Why does everyone keep saying that they are the #1 fan of the books when I am the #1 fan? Thats just wrong. I’m currently thirteen years old and I have read each book about 100 times each. I have even caused five other kids in my class to become obsessed with the books because I am always talking about it. Anybody, anytime, anywhere could sit me down and question me on these books and I will know the answer. I can’t wait for the 11th book to come out and for the movie to come out!!! I will be there first day, first showing. See ya!!

  12. Hi I’m back. I posted right above this post. I can’t stop talking about ASOUE!! Anywho, just stopping in to remind everybody that I am the #1 fan. This is crucial. Just so you don’t get any ideas thinking your the #1 fan. Lemony Snicket is the best author in the world and I honor you for writing such great books. I have every single item of ASOUE merchandise there is and then some!! The only thing that my best friends and I talk about is ASOUE!! Of course I was the one who introduced them to it. I can’t wait for the movie any longer. I might scream soon. Its so nervewracking. I also can’t wait for the 11th book and that may also cause me to scream. I remember when I read the first book for the first time (I read it in percisely 1 hour). THANK YOU LEMONY SNICKET!! YOUR BOOKS ROCK!!!

  13. i luv these books.im waiting for the 11th book to come out.i cant wait until the movie is out.

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