Christmas Is Officially Over

I hated to do it, but the tree came down yesterday.

I’m not sorry to see the Christmas decor come down, but I will miss the wonderful scent. This tree was hands-down the BEST Christmas tree we ever had–it still smelled as fragrant yesterday as the day we brought it in the house, over a month ago! I’ve never had a tree that smelled that good, for that long, but it was really starting to look like a fire hazard. I’ve also never had a tree that actually started to turn brown. The branches were drooping and the entire thing looked really sad. I snipped off a bunch of the branches and put them in a basket, hoping to keep some of that great aroma in the house. By the time the tree hit the curb, there were enough needles left behind on the floor to stuff a mattress.

And now, we tuck in for the long, dark, cold stretch of winter.


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