Where I’m Going…

Like a personal game of Risk, I’ve been to all the states in red (30 out of 50) and aim to turn the map completely red in the foreseeable future.

A shout out to all my traveling companions (and you know who you are)–see all the green states? Those states are in your future. Let’s gas up the car and hit the road!

Kill some time at work and create your own map. How red is your map?

2 thoughts on “Where I’m Going…

  1. I’m still trying to figure out how to get Delaware and Hawaii into one trip–and then my U.S. map will be complete.

  2. I was once at a technical professional gathering and found myself talking with a Japanese colleague who didn’t speak much English. He proceeded to tell me all about his most recent vacation by naming all the states he had driven through. I think he was relieved to be able to carry on a long conversation. I can still hear him in my head sometimes: “Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia… No, wait, it was West Virginia, Tennessee…”

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