Wire in the Blood: The Mermaids Singing

: Wire in the Blood - The Mermaids SingingJust a few weeks after getting into the crime series Monk, I coincidentally picked up an episode of a Monk-like British murder mystery series on DVD at the library. It’s called Wire in the Blood, and stars omni-present BBC hunk Robson Green (whom I first saw on PBS in Reckless) as Dr. Tony Hill, an eccentric criminal psychologist. Where Monk has a certifiable excuse for his odd behavior (obsessive-compulsive disorder,) Tony Hill is just odd. While working through a case he talks to himself—a lot. In one scene from this episode, The Mermaids Singing, Tony sits in his living room, bouncing back and forth between chairs as he conducts a one-one-one interview with himself.

Dr. Hill doesn’t have the best way with people. He acts like a geeky brainiac, off in his own world, and uncomfortable whenever he has to talk to girls. He knows his stuff though, which brings a detective to call upon his help to find a serial killer whose grisly calling card is medieval forms of torture. Of course, not everyone on the police force welcomes Tony on the team. A leak to the press and one cop’s rush to justice help to complicate the investigation. By the time the two-hour program is wrapping up, the investigation has taken a personal turn, with Tony as the next victim.

Here’s the Gist: Anyone who enjoys top-notch British crime thrillers like Cracker (with the most excellent Robbie Coltrane) or Prime Suspect (which I like to refer to as “Jane Tennison’s Bad Day” starring Helen Mirren) will enjoy this series. [**** 1/2]

One thought on “Wire in the Blood: The Mermaids Singing

  1. Forgot to tell you, there is a new one being aired this week or this month. Don’t remember the date but very near future.

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