One thought on “Bring It On, Lyric

  1. I saw a story about this opera awhile ago and it looks better than one would expect. The show itself is beyond my own understanding. However, when I was home from work sick and taking in day time TV I stopped and watched for a little bit. The show that was airing that day was one of those “the best of” shows. At the end Jerry, who always gives a little moral speech (like don’t sleep with your mother-in-law, or your brother’s wife…it’s not a good idea…)made this point; he said that when a big movie star or rock star or prominent poltitian does something immoral or behaves in an outragous mannor and they report it in the news, it’s called journalism; when your adverage joe does it it’s tacky, trashy and unseemly. I thought that was a good observation and did give his show some credibility. (Not alot but some.)

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