Big Fish

USA, Tim Burton (2003)

: Big FishI really thought I would like this film. I really wanted to like this film, a lot. I didn’t. It’s a magical film, but the magic just didn’t work on me. I’m still not sure why; it’s puzzled me for weeks now. It’s the story of man (Albert Finney) whose life comes full circle through the tall tales of his life that he tells to his son (Billy Crudup.) As his father lies dying, the young man tries to reconcile who his father really is in the face of so much gross exaggeration and downright lies. But are they?

There were elements of Big Fish that I liked, especially the closing section by the river, but a lot of it left me flat. Maybe seeing this film soon after I saw In America, which was filled with so much genuine emotion, made the cartoonish tinge of this film’s family ties ring less true for me.

Here’s the Gist:
I loved the concept behind this movie, I just didn’t love the movie. [** 1/2]

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