The Falcons Are Back!

The peregrine falcon has made a return appearance to downtown Evanston! What a great way to celebrate the first day of spring with a peregrine sighting.

Walking past the library I heard the tell-tale squeak-squawking from up on high. It seemed to be coming from the third floor window ledge, but the bird was hidden from view from street level. On a whim, Jen and I headed into the library to see if the falcon could be seen from inside. Sure enough, outside the window from the third floor “quiet study” room was a beautiful peregrine falcon.

He looked at us, and we looked at him, a foot away from each other. He was brilliant. The yellow around his eye and beak was vivid, with dusty gray markings and spots on his chest and a green band (tag) around his leg. He gave us a good long look at him for five minutes or so and then flew off the ledge in a flash. We tried to see if there was a nest, but it didn’t appear so. There were however a feast of two dead pigeons.

Read about last year’s falcon sighting here.


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