Day 4: Storm Clouds

Sunday, 11 April 2004
Gulf Shores, Alabama

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise and then a thunderstorm with lightening and powerful booming sounds over the Gulf. After breakfast it had really started to rain. The surf on the Gulf became quite turbulent; the waves breaking on the beach were the largest we’d seen so far and coming in from a totally different direction. Once the rain let up a few hours later, the gusts of wind continued strong and the surf was high. The gulls would stand together in clumps on the beach facing into the wind, or fly directly into the wind. In the air, they’d hang-glide, keeping aloft in one spot, and then with a shift of their body, they’d dart backwards like a bullet on the wind. If they turned and flew with the wind, they raced through the sky without a single flap of their wings and always accompanied by their crackly laughter. A pelican was out on the surf, bobbing over the breakers, then flying up and alighting on the water in an unsuccessful attempt at fishing for dinner.


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