Birding at the Magic Hedge

I got up painfully early this morning to go birding with friends at The Magic Hedge. Yes, it’s really called The Magic Hedge. It’s actually a primo spot for birding in Chicago, right on the lakefront near Montrose Harbor. It has the right combination of habitat and location to make it a favorite spot for birds (and birders,) especially in the spring when migrants are flying through on their way north.

The oddest thing that we saw was a middle-aged couple dressed in identical outfits, from their matching green waders to their mirror image haircuts. Other than that, we saw:

After a few hours, a thunderstorm developed overhead and the rain chased us all home.


3 thoughts on “Birding at the Magic Hedge

  1. Wow, you found the Magic Hedge! I live right close to the Montrose lakefront, and I have followed the seemingly-random signs towards the Magic Hedge, but never quite found it. Maybe I was tripped up by the fact that I have usually looked for it in the late fall/winter, when nothing looks very hedge-like. Or magical.

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