Review: The Time of Our Singing

Richard Powers (2003)

If you want to read glowing reviews of this book, go to, where just about everyone who’s read The Time of Our Singing has loved it.  While I didn’t exactly hate it, I was about as unenthusiastic a reader as you can be, while still plowing away at it (book club duty calls.) I won’t go into great detail about it, since I just wallowed through 600 pages of repetitive story line and countless hours when I wished I could be reading about one hundred other books. Besides, I’ll have to talk about it in a few weeks when book club meets, and that will be all I can handle on it. Suffice it to say, this author is just not my style and I won’t be reading him again.

Here’s the Gist:
I’m giving it 1-1/2 stars, because I didn’t give up on it completely. Faint praise indeed. [* 1/2]

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