24: Day Two

: 24 - Season TwoI just finished watching the second season of 24 on DVD. I sat down to watch just one episode of the remaining four, and was completely sucked into watching all the way to the exciting ending. Excellent second season — kept the tension and the thrill going all the way to the end. Kiefer Sutherland (Agent Bauer) is excellently matched by the masterful Dennis Haysbert as President Palmer. I know I’m talking about ancient history now that the third season has wrapped up, but the sub-plots (and I mean sub) involving the Kimberly (Bauer’s daughter) should be completely scrapped. She’s worthless, and in the second season, her storyline was completely superfluous to the main story. A lame, filler-way to get younger viewers I suppose. I know that in the third season she joins CTU as an agent where her father works. Equally lame.

I have to say, I loved how in the final episode, the fate of the free world rested on a faulty seat belt. Life always comes down to the stupid little things, don’t it? [*****]

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