Cubbies…Queer Eye…Cubbies…Queer Eye…

Because of a stupid quirk in our new HDTV system set-up, we can’t change the channel while we’re recording something on the VCR. (Modern technology my ass.) We have a number of people who rely on us to tape Queer Eye for the Straight Guy each Tuesday evening, which causes a bit of a conflict on game days.

I’m getting very good at flipping between the Cubs game and QE, hitting the commercials just right, but it makes for a schizophrenic viewing experience for those watching the tape. Perhaps this will be just the push I need to break out the instruction manual and figure out how to use picture-in-picture.

3 thoughts on “Cubbies…Queer Eye…Cubbies…Queer Eye…

  1. Watching a tape of Queer Eye and the Cubbies makes for a fun filled hour of TV. It is especially exciting when the game is close. Even though you know the outcome of the game, you find yourself getting into the game. There is also the entertainment of watch you flip back and forth between shows at a frantic pace. Cubs? Queer Eye? Cubs? Queer Eye? Thanks for taping!!

  2. Or, you could put several TVs into your living room, creating a news center-like (or bar-like) atmosphere. Of course, then the frantic excitement of flipping stations would be lost.

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