The Magic Hedge

Ellen asked about the Magic Hedge, a primo place for birding in Chicago. (Thanks, Ellen!)

This article describes it and this childlike map shows how to get there from Lake Shore Drive. I think it’s amusing that nowhere on the map does it actually say where the Hedge is; you just have to infer it from the section on the drawing that looks like someone dribbled globs of mashed potatoes on it. (Hint: Look for the fancy letter “P”–for potatoes.)

Directions: Take the Montrose Avenue exit off the Lake Shore Drive, heading toward Lake Michigan. Take a right where Montrose Harbor Drive splits off and drive about an eighth of a mile. Park along the road (by the fancy “P”); the marina will be on your right, and the Magic Hedge on the left. It’s marked by a sign. If all else fails, following the clumps of birders following other birders.

Any-hoo. I was thrilled to see my blog come up fourth on the page when Googling “magic hedge.” Here’s what I saw there in May and last September. I really need to get out there more often!


3 thoughts on “The Magic Hedge

  1. Next time I get to Chigago I am definately going there! My husband grew up there and he’d never heard of it – I’ll have to show him.

  2. The weather should be nice (will keep my fingers crossed) and we’re into the migration season now, so hopefully you should see something interesting. But what am I saying! You live in Florida — land of amazing, colorful birds! Oh well, it’s right on the lakefront, with a nice view of the city. Take a spin down Lake Shore Drive (one of the greatest roads to drive anywhere!) and if you can squeeze it in, check out Millennium Park! Oh, and have fun at the wedding! 🙂

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