If Mosquitos Were Birds

Karen, Anne, John and I birded in Harms Woods this past weekend. Saw hundreds of mosquitos. Birds…not so much.

We were all able to add a red-eyed vireo to our life lists. Not so much to look at, but it did sit there patiently in a tree, singing its head off while the four of us tried to figure out what the heck it was. You’d think the red eye would be a tip-off, but none of us could see it.


One thought on “If Mosquitos Were Birds

  1. per Cornell’s excellent birding Web site: “One of the most common birds of the Eastern forests, the Red-eyed Vireo is heard far more than it is seen.” That would explain why we had ample time to enjoy its tune but never really caught site of any significant markings. If you want to get fancy and refer to it in French, call it “viréo aux yeux rouges.” And then go enjoy a glass of wine.

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