Review: Summerland

Michael Chabon (2002)

This book conveniently tied up three recent passions for me in one easy package: baseball, author Michael Chabon’s prose, and children’s literature.  I took this book on my last vacation (to Gulf Shores, AL) and it turned out to be the perfect beach book. While Chabon is not quite in J.K. Rowling’s league (ha ha, get it, league?) he can spin a good tale with some creative storytelling, and an environmental bent.  And baseball is really central to the story which I found to be a lot of fun. Never achieving the page burning suspense of a Harry Potter tale (or Lemony Snicket, for that matter) it was a good story, with one foot firmly in fantasy and the other in nostalgia. If I had the time, I’d get into what that story is about, but it’s fairly complicated and I don’t want to take the time to re-familiarize myself with it enough to summarize it here, because I must be on to reviewing the next book…

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