200 Things @ Once

Ack, it’s already August and there’s so much left to do. Karen summed it up nicely in this email she sent me:

“OK, on Aug. 27 I’m picking you up at 3:30 AM. Fire up the coffee pot! From there we go to Millennium Park (the sunrise will be beautiful), take in a few early migrant species at the Magic Hedge, and then head out to the Farnsworth House, where we will enjoy a brisk walk thru the woods before the home opens. After a tour and a quick round of “Could you live here?” it’s back to the city! Oriental Institute, Garfield Park Conservatory, train show at the Museum of Science and Industry–knock them all off the list!–before we head to the Wall of Jade at the Field Musuem. But we won’t linger, b/c we still need to get the the Board of Trade for the opening bell! Then we’ll unwind at the Seurat Show before heading north to see the Bartelt paintings. We’ll eat at the Mexican place on Sheridan, Speakeasy, outdoors at Moody’s, and at the Cuban place that moved before having Anne come down and having her take us to dinner at North Pond Cafe (on her gift certificate). From there we may want to take in a movie at the Film Center that has never been shown before in the entire history of the world, the only print of which will be destroyed after it’s shown. Then we’ll head up to your place for the Cubs game.”

Yeah, I’d say that pretty much covers it.

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