Cold, Wet, Loser Cubs

Had a great time today at the Cubs game, despite the fact that it was cold, wet, and they lost.

It was cloudy, dreary and a sweltering 58 for today’s 1:20 game, (so happy to have set a record low summertime temperature!) and by the time the Cubbies had lost (in 11 innings, and almost six hours of play!) I was chilled to the bones. Lots of drama on the field, including a bad call at second base by a visually impaired umpire, and the ejection of the Cubs’ pitching coach. Things went downhill from there. But we cheered them to the very end, and I have the raspy Lauren Bacall voice to prove it.

The best play of the day came when a guy hopped over the wall near home plate and took a running slip-n-slide across the tarp covering the field during a rain delay. He got up, took another running leap and slid toward center field and was up again for another sprint before eight security guys tackled him, to home-run league cheering from the crowd. As security tried to escort him from the field, the guy went limp, and rather than drag him, six security dudes picked the guy up by his pants, belt, legs and arms, and carted him off the field, stiff as a board. Hilarious.

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