Millennium Park

Last weekend some friends were in from out-of-town and completely spur of the moment, I ended up joining them for a trip to Chicago’s newest attraction, Millennium Park. It’s fantastic and one more great reason to visit Chicago. Last Sunday was a gorgeous day and many people were out enjoying the weather and the new setting. It was great to see so many people enjoying the day, the open urban space, the gardens and the public art.

I’ve added photos from last weekend to my Chicago photo album. Interestingly, the album contains photos from last August: Snaps from the Chicago Air and Water Show (which I just happen to be going to on Saturday) and photos of the music pavilion under construction, showing the skeleton under the stainless steel exterior.

If you’re interested to learn more about Millennium Park, they have a very informative website.


One thought on “Millennium Park

  1. Fantastic “sitting on my butt” tour. Loved the photos and the info. What a fine Chicago addition.
    On the other hand, Georgetown is getting a Subway on Main Street. Progress strikes in different ways,,,,

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