Review: Fahrenheit 9/11

US, Michael Moore (2004)

: Fahrenheit 9/11There’s not much I can say about the movie to see this year that hasn’t already been said, debated, praised, ridiculed or bashed other than to encourage others to see it. Regardless of your politics or personal opinion of filmmaker Michael Moore, F9/11 is thought provoking and helps to illustrate that come November, this country stands at a very crucial crossroads.

This is by far Michael Moore’s best movie. It starts out strong and never falters. Moore keeps on track and avoids the self-indulgent tangents that weakened Bowling for Columbine. It helps too that we see less of the director in front of the camera. Some people have taken issue with the bias that Moore used in presenting the “facts” in his “documentary” but I’ve heard more than one person I know say that even if only half of what Moore shows is true, that’s plenty, to which I’d agree. F9/11 is an effective piece of filmmaking. It’s worth the price of admission just to see the blank expression on Bush’s face during the infamous school visit during the 9/11 attacks as Moore narrates what might be running through W’s head. His lack of action and lost look could well be the most frightening thing I’ve seen all year.

Do I take the film at face value? Of course not. But am I glad he’s out there doing his thing? Damned right I am. [*****]

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