Review: Dave

US, Ivan Reitman (1993)

: Dave I’ve seen this movie a couple of times now, but it had been a while, and I’d forgotten how good it is. A total throwback to those great Capra films of the 1930s. Anyone who loves Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Mr. Deeds Comes to Town will appreciate and enjoy what director Ivan Reitman and Kevin Kline have done in Dave. Kline is great as the everyman who gets promoted from impersonating the President of the United States at birthday parties to filling in when the real thing lapses into a coma. The premise is far-fetched, but everyone’s having such a good time and doing it so well, that it really works. Great supporting work by Frank Langella, Ving Rhames, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley, and Charles Grodin.

Charles Grodin!? I love him–where has he disappeared to?!? This movie reminded me that I haven’t seen him in ages, and when I looked him up on the internet, I was shocked to learn that he’s Andy Rooney’s doppelgänger on the other 60 Minutes program??!!? [****]

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