Is It Just Me or Has Gilmore Girls Jumped the Shark?

I’m almost embarrassed that I was raving so about Gilmore Girls (season 1, on DVD) because I watch the new season on TV and think to myself, “Huh? Is this the same show?” I liked it for its quirky characters, the 1930s screwball-comedy style banter, and highly literate dialog. Now, I find it annoying and filled with storylines that are silly and stupid, and I wonder if it’s due to the quirky characters, the 1930s screwball comedy style banter, and the highly literate dialog. That and the storylines that are incredibly silly and stupid.

Enough already with the lame Dean boyfriend storyline (pathetic attempt to attract young viewers?) Rory as Nancy Drew college reporter is really not that fascinating. Just how much did Norman Mailer get paid to sit there at the Dragonfly and get faux-interviewed, for like 40 scenes? (“Oh, Mr. Mailer, you’re my favorite author. I’ve read all your books five times and I’d love for you to be in my TV show!”) And what’s up with Lorelai’s hair?

So, as someone who’s jumped from season one to season five, I’m wondering is it just me or am I missing something here? At what point did this show veer off the country road of spark and originality and hit the highway of silly soap opera and stupid storylines? It doesn’t say much that I’m enjoying reading the snarky recap of each episode on Television Without Pity more than I am watching the show itself.

4 thoughts on “Is It Just Me or Has Gilmore Girls Jumped the Shark?

  1. Hmmm–the Chicago Tribune’s TV critic wrote the other day that the show was finally back on track this season. Apparently one person’s shark is another person’s…something.

  2. Oh yes, jumped the shark, the whale, the Titanic…
    And Luke and Lorelai? What were they thinking? The best part of the show was Luke pinning for her. Geesh!
    And bringing back Rory’s father as “the single parent” was an interesting angle, but why, oh, why, did they make that 2 minutes of the show and give us 40 minutes of Paris’ raving and secrect societies?

  3. The truth is the innocence that once made the show so special and endearing has slowed donwn considerably. The wit that made it famous,is now dry and unlively. The characters are merely quirky for the reason of being quirky. Its been happening in the last two seasons mostly. Whether it be studio pressure or the show crumpling under its own stama…I agree quality has decreased to some degree. However, its still one of the best things on tv.

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