Books — Never Leave Home Without ‘Em

This afternoon I rushed through the downpour to get to my doctor’s appointment only to discover that I was an entire hour early.

Can you guess why????

Yes, after never once getting caught in the daylight savings time shift, I’d fallen victim to the fall-back. No one changed the clock in my office so I ate my lunch and left for the doctor an hour too early.

So, an extra hour to kill in the doctor’s waiting room. This is exactly why I never go anywhere without a book!

3 thoughts on “Books — Never Leave Home Without ‘Em

  1. Ah, this is why you should wear a watch, rather than relying on other people’s clocks. That is a bummer but hey you got some nice reading done.

  2. No watch–no cell phone–and I’m never sure what year it is. Live in the moment—carry lots of snacks- and a couple of books. Only way to go. Especially for the next (sob) four years.

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