4 thoughts on “Moby-Dick Update

  1. Sorry, off subject, but wanted to tell you that I have been totally sucked into Monarch of the Glen. Will not function until Series Two gets here from Netflix. Ugh! Then what am I going to do??? I guess I can watch GG tonight to see what Luke’s secret is. I hope it’s not crack!

  2. Luke’s secret was innnnncredibly lame and run-of-the-mill TV drama. I don’t know why I expected more.
    And regarding Monarch o’ the Glen, wait til you get through with Series Two and have to wait who knows how long!! I’ve scoured the internet looking for clues as to when the rest of the series will be released (there are six in all) and no word. I can’t wait that long!

  3. Did you notice that the locations for Manarch of the Glen is the exact same for HP/CS. When I saw that semi-circular bridge I screamed “Hogwarts Express!!”
    And then last night while I was watching my new PoA DVD, I realized the lake where Harry flies on the Hippogriff is the same as the lake Hector nearly drowned in/has boat races in.
    MoG (aka Glenbogle) has the most beautiful location shoots. I want to go desperately!!!!

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