Holiday Homework

I’ve seen many fine movies that I’d love to share with you (including the incredibly amazing and highly recommended Finding Neverland) and I STILL have photos from my trip in November to post. Not to mention that I’ve been revisiting all the great Buster Keaton movies that I own; an awesome DVD collection (a Christmas gift from two years ago.)

However, I have Christmas cards New Year’s cards to write. Soon to be Groundhog’s Day cards if I don’t get my butt in gear.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Homework

  1. Christmas cards can be a real @%#^pain! This year I designed a card and bought blank cards at the Paper Source to print out the design on. Well it didn’t work out. The card stock was to heavy, even for a place link Kinkos to print on. By this time I was out of time and out of money. So, I was going to give up. But, then I realized that I had already addressed all of the envelopes, so I decided not to give up and to keep perservering, get these cards printed up, some how and then I’ll be ready for next year!

  2. I blew off Christmas cards this year–it just ain’t gonna happen. Oh well. My new rule: Every other year is fine.

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