Weird Weather

Mother Nature is having one heck of a time with us here in the Chicago area. Last week we had buckets of snow, a few days ago we had standard winter temps of 30s, and this morning thunder and lightening greeted me as I left for work. I had a weird moment where I wondered if I’d pulled a Rip Van Winkle and slept through Jan, Feb, March and April.

What gives? If was like spring outside today–except of course for the mounds of slushy snow everywhere. At lunchtime when I went out, it was 61-degrees! Right now it’s 51, pouring rain, and more thunderstorms are rolling through. By tomorrow, the temps will drop 30-some degrees, and we’re due for snow. And by Friday, they’re predicting a high of 13 and a low of 6; next week we’re back in the 20s. This is really strange. A few more days like today, and the tulips will start poking through, as confused as the rest of us.

2 thoughts on “Weird Weather

  1. Kentucky has been in the 60’s every day and rainy in the past few weeks. Haven’t had the furnace on.
    However, when there is sunshine in your heart, everyday is beautiful.

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