Restaurant Review: Taste of Peru

They call themselves “Chicago’s Best Kept Secret” and I’d say so! Dinner this evening at Taste of Peru (6545 N. Clark Street) really hit the spot–Peruvian comfort food on a frigid winter evening. This storefront hole in the wall was hoppin’ on a Sunday night. The staff was friendly and you could tell it’s a real family affair. We started with a tasty tamale, to accompany the jalapeno sauce that comes to each table with french bread. The sauce was outstanding; just spicy-warm enough to linger without melting your head off. We split an order of chicken with peanut sauce and a side of plantains. Everything was lick-the-plate good; the chicken was tender and came right off the bone.

Prices were extremely reasonable. There’s live music Thursday through Saturday. We lucked out, the guitar player was there on a Sunday; an older gentleman in a snazzy fedora, doing a great job with a medley of decidedly un-Brazilian tunes–rock hits from the ’70s. A couple at the next table was having the seafood paella which looked great, so we’re already planning a return visit. It’s BYOB too, which always helps to save on the tab.

6 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Taste of Peru

  1. What can I say?
    The oatmeal at Fava’s was served really hot on Saturday morning, the waitress knows me by name, the over easy eggs and homefries the farmer in the next booth ordered looked good and the local architect picked up my bill.
    Can we go to your restaurant next time I’m in town? Pl-e-e-s-e?

  2. Anne and I just went to Taste of Heaven in its semi-new location in Andersonville, on Clark Street. Pleased to report they now serve Metroplis coffee.

  3. They’re everywhere! I was thrilled this weekend to see that my favorite coffee shop in town is now serving Metropolis coffee as well. So I’m set “at home” and “in the city!” Excellent. (It’s the little things.)

  4. Hi Everyone,
    I’m the owner of Metropolis Coffee. Taste of Heaven does not serve our coffee (yet?). They serve our teas.
    Thanks for talking us up – I’m very glad to hear that you like our coffee!

  5. Odd–they have a big sign in their window saying that they do. Just to play it safe, I’ll stick close to the ‘hood and get the coffee at its headwaters: Metropolis!

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